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Are you signing up for the secret dinner at the underground restaurant in Barcelona?


You won't know what you'll eat, who or where

Do you dare to live a clandestine experience?

Where is he?

Looking for special places to dine in Barcelona?

You've finally found us!
This is the clandestine dinner in Barcelona that you may have heard of. yes, the one who doesn't know where you're going to have dinner until the same day and that, in addition, you must discover yourself through clues and riddles. The good thing is that when you arrive at the secret place, a dinner with a tasting menu of haute cuisine and pairing that you would never have imagined awaits you. And on top of that there is showcooking! 
Are you signing up?

With a speackeasy style we will show you a sensory gastronomic experience in the secret restaurant of Barcelona, an unknown space for restless palates.

How do I book?


Choose the date you like the most to come and enjoy this experience.

A few days before you will receive clues to access the secret space.

You beg a lot of punctuality and want to have a good time! 


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