Barcelona clandestine dinner

You will not know what you will eat, with whom or where

Do you sign up for the Barcelona clandestine dinner?
Do you sign up for the clandestine dinner?

what is barcelona clandestine dinner?

clandestine gastronomic experience
You have finally found us!
This is the Barcelona clandestine dinner that you might have heard of. Yes, the one that you don’t know where you are going to have dinner until the same day and that, in addition, you must discover it yourself through clues and riddles. The good thing is that when you arrive at the secret place you will have a dinner with a tasting menu of haute cuisine and pairing that you would never have imagined. And above there is showcooking!
You sign up?


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Welcome cocktail

Upon arrival at the private space we will receive you with a welcome drink and we will start the experience.

Tasting menu

You will enjoy a tasting menu prepared by a private chef whom you will see cooking live. During the whole dinner you will be in a private and exclusive space for you accompanied by an attentive room service.

Wine pairing

The menu is paired with wines selected exclusively for the tasting menu served that night. They are local wines of special category

Premium Gins

Finally, as a flourish, you will enjoy, all together, a line of premium Gins. We will explain the curiosities of these gins so you can discover their aromas and characteristics.

how do book clandestine dinner barcelona?

book your day

Choose the date you like best to come and enjoy this experience. Contact us


clues & enigmas

A few days before you will receive clues to access the secret space. .

experience enjoyment

Please be punctual and want to have fun 

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An original clandestine dinner in Barcelona?

here the original and gastronomy come together as you had not lived before. An interactive dinner, we have created an experience where mystery, surprises and illusion are as important as gastronomy. This gastronomic experience is ideal for couples, friends and groups, although if you come alone, you will also have a great time. All the guests will be the protagonists of a clandestine and unique night, exclusively created for you. Find your original plan in Barcelona

What is a clandestine dinner

Throughout the experience we work with neurogastronomy, that is, we are continuously connecting gastronomy with your brain in the most intensive way. An innovative concept that enhances everything we taste. It is not a scape room with dinner, it is a mixture of the 2 concepts Good company, enigmas, surprises, art … all this accompanies this dinner out of the ordinary but designed to activate the five senses. We wait for you!  

You can also water it clandestine dinner

In short, if you are looking for a unique gastronomic experience, we have a clandestine dinner in downtown Barcelona, where diners will not know they will have dinner, where, or with whom. Also to give away