The bachelorette party dinner is a very special night among friends in which the bride will be the main protagonist.


To be agreed


2-3 hours



Tasting menu and wine pairing


From 60€.

What is

The bachelorette party dinner is a very special evening where you can enjoy an authentic gastronomic experience in an atmosphere dedicated exclusively to the bride. In a space exclusively for you with a private chef who will prepare a tasting menu of haute cuisine and with a host and room service that will take care of every detail to make the night unique.

what is included

Welcome cocktail

We will welcome you with a welcome drink and start the experience.


Tasting menu

We serve a tasting menu of between 8 and 12 dishes made with carefully selected seasonal and local products that you will see prepared live by a private chef who will accompany you throughout the evening.

*We adapt the menu to intolerances, allergies and food preferences that you can indicate when you make the reservation.

Wine Pairing

The menu is paired with wines selected exclusively for the menu served that night, local wines of special category.

Premium gins

Finally, as a finishing touch, you will enjoy, all together, Teichenné’s line of premium Gins. We will explain the curiosities of these gins so that you can discover their aromas and characteristics.

where you will go

The dinner venue is a gastronomic space in Barcelona adapted to the characteristics of the event: capacity, location and decoration.



bachelorette party dinner

More information

Things to keep in mind

You will be informed of the cancellation terms at the time the quotation is sent to you.

Remember to note any allergies, intolerances and preferences that may exist when making your reservation. Otherwise, if you do not let us know at least 24 hours before the dinner, we may have problems adapting the menu.

If you have special requests such as photography, decoration, live music, etc. you can let us know and we will arrange it.

bachelorette party dinner

If one of the friends of the group is getting married, it is clear to us that we have to celebrate it in a special and unique way. That is why in our farewell dinners the bride will be the main protagonist and you will all enjoy an unrepeatable night. We like surprises as much as we like to take care of every detail with great care. Emotions and laughter are served in an evening among friends as beautiful as this one. A gastronomic evening full of flavor and with a private service of the highest quality that will ensure that nothing is missing.

Bachelorette dinner in the best atmosphere

We offer an environment exclusively dedicated to the bride in a private space in Barcelona reserved for you. In addition, we can theme the night with the decoration of your choice or hire extra services such as photography with photocall, live music, magic, etc. Everything you need to make the night unique and to always remember this farewell.

The best part of an experience is sharing it at the bachelorette party dinner.

If you are looking for original plans in Barcelona, celebrating your bachelorette party dinner with us is a safe bet. You will toast with the wines exclusively selected for the menu you will have that night, a fresh, modern and quality selection that is the best accompaniment for the elaborations of our menu. Every detail of the wine pairing, as well as of each dish, will be explained in detail by our team.

A night of surprises designed to enjoy at the bachelorette party dinner

We take care of every detail so that all of you enjoy and celebrate this special moment with the bride, which will be unrepeatable. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will get to work to create the bachelorette party dinner you imagine.