With the Barcelona dinner gift card you will surprise with a gastronomic experience full of gastronomy and surprises!


Thursday, Friday and Saturday


3.5 hours



Tasting menu and wine pairing



What is

With the Barcelona dinner gift card you will surprise whoever you want with an original dinner in Barcelona that combines gastronomy and surprises. An authentic gastronomic experience created to enjoy an unforgettable evening. It begins with the discovery of the secret space where a tasting menu of haute cuisine with food and wine pairing will be served. If you want to give emotions and memories, you won’t regret it!

what is included

Welcome cocktail

Upon arrival at the private space, the group will be received with a welcome drink and we will begin the experience, where we will unveil the tasting menu.

Tasting menu

The tasting menu consists of between 10 and 12 dishes (depending on the season) and is discovered the same day of the dinner. You will have a private chef all night who you will see cooking live in showcooking format.

*We adapt the menu to intolerances, allergies and food preferences that you can note when you make the reservation.

Wine pairing

The menu is paired with wines selected exclusively for the menu served that night, local wines of special category.

Premium gins

Finally, as a finishing touch, you will enjoy, all together, Teichenné’s line of premium Gins. We will explain the curiosities of these gins so that you can discover their aromas and characteristics.

where you will go

The location of the dinner is a secret space in Barcelona that will be discovered through the clues that we will send 5 days before the experience. The clues will be sent to the e-mail address indicated when redeeming the gift voucher. If you have any doubts, let Esther know by sending her an email at

For now, we can only tell you that with our leads, whether you are from Barcelona or from abroad, you will have enough time to organize yourselves. Remember that the clandestine dinner starts at 8 pm, but you must be available a few minutes before.




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More information

Remember to note any allergies, intolerances and preferences that may exist when making your reservation. Otherwise, if you do not let us know at least 24 hours in advance, we may have problems adapting the menu.

Get ready to become a real chef! Follow our instructions carefully and everything will go smoothly.


If you are unable to receive it on the date you have chosen, you can notify us within 5 days prior to that date and we will change the delivery date without any problem. We accept name changes and deliveries to another address up to 24 hours in advance.

all about dinner gift card barcelona

At Gastroshows know that surprising with a good gift is very important. For this reason, we have created our Barcelona dinner gift card. With it you will be able to give an authentic gastronomic experience to whomever you want.

Also, with the barcelona dinner gift card you will give a special experience as a gift. A secret dinner wrapped in secrets and enigmas with a tasting menu of haute cuisine. In addition, all this in a private space in Barcelona created for this occasion. In addition, we also have other original dinners for groups that you might be interested in for other occasions. In short, don’t give things, give things to tell! Contact us.

Barcelona dinner gift card for two people

Give an original dinner to celebrate a unique evening in Barcelona or surroundings. A haute cuisine experience with which you will enjoy a very special evening.

In short, a unique gastronomic experience in Barcelona, don’t give things as gifts, give things to tell. Get the gift of a gastronomic dinner for two.

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Certainly, the best way to celebrate something special is with Gastroshows, that is, we are creators of gastronomic experiences with attention to detail. Designed to surprise whoever you want.

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Give the gift of a gastronomic experience with the Barcelona dinner gift pack

In short, if you are looking for a unique dining experience for 2, read on. We have a clandestine dinner in Barcelona, where the diners do not have will know what they are having for dinner, where, and with whom.

Give the gift of gastronomic experiences

We take care of every detail so that you all enjoy and celebrate this special moment. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.