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In these 10 tapas bars in Barcelona you will enjoy a good tapas for less than 20€.

Tapas, which were born as a mere accompaniment to the meal served in a glass or container that “covered”, have now become an art form. There are traditional and modern tapas, simpler or more elaborate, award-winning tapas or the tapas of a lifetime. Who doesn’t love tapas? However, sometimes it is not easy to find cheap tapas bars in Barcelona, since, in recent years, all that fame has meant that some places have raised their prices. However, there are still cheap and authentic tapas bars in Barcelona where you can taste top quality tapas at a very good price. The fact that they are bars with economic prices does not mean that they are of low quality, on the contrary, what is surprising is the high quality of its products. And if you like this blog, don’t hesitate to check our list of the best blogs in the world. 6 Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona for less than 50€..

QUIMET & QUIMET – classic tapas in Poble-Sec

To talk about delicious and economic tapas in Barcelona is to talk about Quimet & Quimet. A tapas bar in Barcelona since 1914, it is a cozy space with traditional decoration.

But don’t be fooled by this mise-en-scène, its menu is full of updated covers with avant-garde and special touches. Its preserves are worth mentioning. You can try tapas such as anchovies, anchovies or razor clams and enjoy an amazing snack with an exquisite value for money. In addition, they have a vermouth from another planet and their own beer, run to know it!

XAMPANYET– xampanyet and iberian tapas in el Born

If you walk through the center of the city, this tapas bar in Barcelona is an emblematic place and an obligatory stop. El Xampanyet is one of those ideal places to enjoy a good tapas in a pleasant, neighborhood and modern atmosphere. And at a good price. One of the best cheap tapas bars in Barcelona, wow.

This facility has been in operation for open since 1929 and is located in the heart of the Born district. Its aesthetics are traditional and homey. In their menu you will find a wide variety of tapas such as, for example, Iberian sausages or anchovies. In addition, here you can enjoy a selection ofexquisite drinks, such as wine, vermouth or its classic xampanyet (hooked!).

GATA MALA – cheap and tasty tapas bars Barcelona

have a drink or a snack in barcelona

Strolling through the neighborhood of Gràcia you have to stop at the Gata Mala . Small place that stands out for the greatness of its tapas. Eis considered one of the best tapas bars in the Gracia neighborhood.

The reason for this is no mystery: tapas are free with every drink. On the contrary, they are quality tapas, generous and at a good price.

In addition, the tapas ordered outside the cane are a delight, such as escalivada with goat cheese or homemade ravioli. Mind-blowing.

CAÑETE BAR – cheap tapas bars in barcelona and fish bars in Raval

If you like fresh fish, your choice is Bar Cañete. Located in El Raval, you can try their battered fish that will make you cry with emotion with every crunchy bite. In this case, you will be able to enjoy an experience more “gourmet” and delicious, yet at an affordable and fair price.

This is a tapas bar in Barcelona specialized in seafood and fish tapas, although they have options for all palates. All of them perfect to accompany with a good glass of wine. You will enjoy a good tapas and an unparalleled atmosphere and service. If you are looking for cheap tapas bars Barcelona, you can’t miss it!

LA PLATA – authentic fishermen’s tavern tapas

Another classic tapas bar in Barcelona that we have been enjoying since 1945. is the La Plata Bar. And it is a surprising and unique place in the sector. Entering there is like entering an authentic fisherman’s tavern. The four essential tapas of this emblematic bar are: the fried blue fish; the tomato, onion and olive salad; the blood sausage skewer and the anchovy skewer. Everything is delicious. In short, good service, good food and good wine. It could not be missing in our list of the 10 tapas bars in Barcelona for less than 20€.

They also offer a delicious selection of DO wines that will be the perfect pairing for your meal. Discover this classic tapas bar that is sure to surprise you with its quality and prices.

THE 58 – varied and creative tapas in Poblenou

We head to Poblenou to tell you about another essential tapas bar in Barcelona. We are talking about The 58th is an establishment modern and very cozy which offers a varied menu, with good products and creative dishes.

The prawn brochette with sweet chili or the grilled prawns (at a good price) are an example. And you also have to try their patatas bravas, they are phenomenal. In addition, they have a midday weekday tapas menu with their greatest hits that you can enjoy sitting in their interior patio, which is splendid. And all this at economical prices.


THE SMOKED COVE – the Barceloneta bomb

Another of the best known and most emblematic tapas bars in Barcelona is The smoked cave. It is located in the market square in Barceloneta and it is a traditional place with a seafaring style.

It is said that it was here that the lid known as “the bomb” was created. The truth is that the queues of people that have always formed to try them is easy to believe. And be aware that you will also find chickpeas with squid, capipota, sardines. Good atmosphere, product and price. One of the best cheap tapas bars in Barcelona, you have to go!

EL VASO DE ORO tapas y tradición

The glass of gold is a classic of classics, which has been offering an exquisite range of beers and tapas for more than half a century. It has authentic details such as waiters uniformed with the classic dress and is one of the reference places where they throw the cane well in Barcelona .

Its tapas are classic and delicious: bravas, Padrón peppers, ensaladilla, and other more seafood dishes such as shrimp, clams and squid, as is customary in a historic fishermen’s neighborhood. Although the star dish is the steak with foie. If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can’t miss it!

BALIUS – andalusian tapas in Poblenou

A must-visit tapas bar in Barcelona is Balius. Ideal for any occasion: a beer after work; a weekend vermouth or a Saturday night cocktail.

The menu offers inexpensive Andalusian and Castilian style tapas: lomo de orza (scalded and marinated loin with spices) and atascaburras (chopped potato with cod, garlic, oil and salt). They are part of its seal characterized by Slow Food(guaranteed local and organic products) and affordable prices. The cocktail bar is also a must. There I leave it.


La Monroe – tapas at any time in the Raval

Located in the Plaza de la Filmoteca, in the Raval, is a local casual, modern and current with a very unique atmosphere and charm.

At La Monroe you can have breakfast, snack on some tapas or eat a menu at a good price. You can also dine if you have a little more budget and you will be well. To emphasize among its menu the Russian salad, that is very good and that the sausages are from Ponts. Rich, rich. Its large terrace and diaphanous premises add to the quality of its tapas to give a very positive result.

And with this bar we close our list of the 10 cheap tapas bars in Barcelona, that is, for less than 20€. We hope you will visit them and enjoy them very much! You can also take a look at the tips for a romantic dinner at home or the best plans for couples at home, for a change! 😀


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