Chicken broth

This broth is the great ally of winter. It provides us with essential nutrients to fight colds and comforts us. We propose a simple and delicious chicken broth recipe. It is the one we use for our elaborations of the menu of Gastroshows.


2L approx.


10 min preparation






By: Marc Grivé

This recipe will be easy and delicious. In addition, you can use it for different preparations such as: soups, creams, stews, etc. In other words, it is a multi-purpose processing!


  • 2.5 liters of water
  • Salt
  • One potato
  • Fresh parsley
  • One leek
  • One onion
  • Two carrots
  • A piece of pumpkin
  • One chicken carcass
  • One chicken breast
  • Bay leaf

How to make chicken broth at home

Place all the ingredients in a pot and cover them with water.

2. We cook all the ingredients in a casserole for two hours.

3. Once the broth is ready, strain it and let it cool. When it is cold, you can remove the fat that will have formed on the surface (although you will see that it has very little fat).

4. The leftover chicken meat can be reserved for another preparation or shredded into the broth and made into a delicious chicken and noodle soup.

Tips for using and storing your broth


  • Use this broth recipe in your stews and soups, the flavor will be doubly exquisite.
  • One of the traditional recipes for this broth is chicken soup, but you can use it as a base for other types of soups, i.e. ramen (Japanese) or pho (Vietnamese).
  • You will also notice the difference if you use it in your vegetable creams. In this way, it will give them their richest flavor, not to mention all the nutrients.
  • Also, the great thing about this chicken broth recipe is that if you are not going to use it, you can freeze it for 2-3 months or even store it in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.
  • Finally, if you want to accompany these preparations with a good sweet, don’t miss our recipe for liquid chocolate truffles.
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