The secrets of mixology will be revealed in our cocktail workshop in Barcelona.

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2 hours



Workshop and tasting


50€ Workshop + Tapas

(min 8 pers.)

What is

Do you want to bring out the bartender in you? This is the perfect occasion. In the barcelona cocktail workshop you will become a real bartender for a few hours. You are going to prepare a cocktail as if you were professional mixologists. Enjoy this gastronomic experience in Barcelona full of fun and curiosities.

what is included


In the cocktail workshop we will welcome you and introduce you to the team that will explain the dynamics of the course.


Cocktail course

Once the details and instructions for the cocktail workshop have been explained, the group will be divided into the corresponding subgroups. Within the established time limit they will have to follow the bartender’s instructions and execute the cocktails.


At the end of the workshop, cocktails will be tasted. with the possibility of increasing the menu with 4 gourmet tapas (ask for prices).

where you will go

The location of the course is a gastronomic space in Barcelona adapted to the characteristics of the event.



More information

all about cocktail workshop in Barcelona

Cooking teambuildings are one of the best options to do something different with your work team. Or also gastronomic activities ideal for your group of friends or family. You will develop creative, design and sensation points together. We are committed to gastronomic activities in contest format. They awaken the competitive side of the team but within an atmosphere of humor and fun. Therefore, we create gastronomic activities for companies and also gastronomic activities for groups . Original workshops designed to join forces, strengthen ties and have a great time. Get ready to discover the secrets of mixology. You will use different alcohols, mixes and all the professional tools of a real bartender.


The best of the cocktail workshop in Barcelona

Gastroshows is much more than gastronomy. We propose a unique and different cocktail workshop in Barcelona. Learning and having a good time is as important as living this unique experience. In our cocktail workshop you will discover the main ingredients to make the best cocktails. It won’t be complicated. In short, in our gastronomic workshops you will learn how to prepare creative cocktails with a lot of fun.

If you prefer other gastronomic activities in Barcelona

You can also choose between wine tastings and cooking courses . Hhere are options for all tastes. And if you’re looking to surprise someone with plans or original dinnersget our gift voucher gift voucher. Give experiences to your partner, your family or your friends.

gastronomic activity
is ideal for couples, friends and groups.

The best part of an experience is sharing it in the cocktail workshop.

If you are looking for original plans in Barcelona, celebrating a cooking teambuilding with us is a safe bet. Create your cocktail with your colleagues or friends. In short, a fun activity to develop creativity and have a good time with cocktails.

A gastronomic activity for companies designed to enjoy as a team

We take care of every detail so that you all enjoy and celebrate this special moment. Do not hesitate to contact us . We will get to work to create the cooking teambuilding or workshop for groups that you imagine.

We are waiting for you in a gastronomic activity for companies designed to enjoy as a team.

In Gastroshows we offer an ideal environment for the development of cooking activities for companies. That is, a private space in Barcelona reserved for your company. In addition, we can hire extra services such as photography with photocall, live music, magic, etc. Everything you need to make the gastronomic experience unique and to remember this activity forever.

We keep you up to date on all the gastronomy

In addition, we keep you up to date with the latest gastronomic news. Gourmet cooking tips and recipes and the best activity plans. We also inform you about gastronomic tourism and all the important gastronomic news. Do you know what ‘fash food‘ is? Find out more about this gastronomic trend and many other curiosities. We are not like a traditional cooking school. Let’s go further. Ask us for more information about renting our gastronomic space and find out about the start of activities. We will be happy to help you. Welcome!