Doing something different in Barcelona


Doing something different in Barcelona is possible and within your reach!


If you feel like doing something different in Barcelona you are in the right place. A city with endless possibilities and with many activities for couples or original plans for groups. Whichever option you are looking for, here we propose you to do something different in Barcelona, something you may have never thought of before. You can choose between: driving a luxury car; relaxing in a spa for two in the city center; having fun in a cocktail workshop or letting yourself go in a secret dinner. There are plans for all tastes!

driving a luxury car

¿Do you dream of driving a luxury car through the streets of your city? Now you have it at your fingertips!

If you thought it was only going to remain a dream you were wrong, now you can enjoy a nice ride in a high-end car for less than you thought.

And this is thanks to
which functions as a search engine for rental companies. It’s kind of like Skyscanner or Rumbo, but instead of flights it searches for the cheapest car options. High-end cars can be found for 25 euros per day and a Mercedes C-Class can be rented for 53.16 euros. Not a bad option if you want to surprise someone, isn’t it?

A trick: when you do the search, check the Full to Fuel Policy box.


a visit to paradise

If you are one of those who like to go for a drink but need a quiet place to disconnect, here you have a very top one!

We are talking about El Alma hotel garden. An orchard that emerges in the center of the Cuadrado de Oro, the maximum expression of the bourgeois area of Barcelona. The ideal place if you feel like a quiet plan in the best atmosphere.

Having a glass of good wine comfortably in one of the corners of this little Eden will not cost you more than 5 euros. And for 3 or 5 euros more, you can accompany it with a tapa, which are delicious.

Summer or winter, it’s the same, it’s ideal at any time of the year and it’s a safe bet.


michelin star restaurants for less than 50€.

Enjoying haute cuisine is possible thanks to Michelin-starred restaurants that offer lunch menus.

If you were thinking about a gastronomic plan, write this one down because you are going to love it. Although there are many who do not know it, certain restaurants in Barcelona that have this award offer affordable lunch menus with the same quality and service.

We already told you about the ones we like the most in our previous post that you can consult here:


Catalan cuisine, Japanese cuisine, desserts, rice dishes… endless possibilities that will make you enjoy an exquisite meal. It is important to reserve a table!


cocktail workshop

Become a bartender for a few hours and learn how to make cocktails. Great for couples or friends.

Around here we love to create experiences and this one is ideal to meet new people, have a great time and learn how to make super original cocktails that you can easily prepare at home.

One Thursday a month you can come and have fun with us and disconnect from the routine!

You have all the info here:

For only 36€ attend the cocktail master class and taste your creations with a selection of gourmet tapas.


relaxing spa in the city

A plan that never fails. Ideal to take care of yourself and give you that extra self-love. Designed for couples or friends.

If what you want is to pamper yourself properly and with a view, you have to go to the
spa of the Metropolitan gymnasium
that is in the sands. Well communicated and with easy access, it is an oasis in the center of the city where you can get away from all your worries for a few hours.

In addition to complete facilities (dry and wet sauna, bithermal shower, hydromassage pool, bubble benches, cervical jets, ice fountain, infrared relaxation area), the plus offered by this center is the view over the Plaza de Espanya, Avinguda de Maria Cristina and the MNAC as a backdrop. They have an offer that includes, for 35 euros, an hour circuit and a 30-minute massage. Are you going to miss it?


Secret dinner in barcelona

Going out to dinner is no different, but what if the dinner was secret? Sign up for a clandestine dinner and let yourself be surprised

If you want to succeed with an original dinner, this is your section! In this case, we suggest that you invite your partner to live an authentic and totally secret gastronomic experience.

It’s about our
clandestine dinner
. An experience that takes place in a secret space in Barcelona that is discovered the same day of the dinner through clues and riddles. In addition, the best part is that when you arrive at the secret space you are served a tasting menu of haute cuisine with wine pairing. And the evening ends with a tasting of premium gins. You will share it with more people who will be the same as you and possibly be your best allies. Fun, surprises, good atmosphere and good food are our best ingredients.

Get our gift card for two with which you can book the experience without date and enjoy it in the next 6 months!