Delicious and original food gifts for foodies and gourmet products for food lovers

Don’t you sometimes have to give an original gift, but you have run out of ideas? Nowadays, we all have everything and nothing is missing. For this reason, more and more people are betting on giving experiences as gifts. A new world of possibilities opens up for us, we no longer give objects, we give memories. A good option are gifts with food, or what is the same, gourmet products arranged in such a way that the recipient lives an experience. Whether in a gift box, a gift basket or a dream wrapping, it is something that will not leave anyone indifferent. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, let’s get to the point, here you will find a perfect gastronomic kit to assemble a tasting menu or an ultra premium olive oil, among others. Gifts for food lovers, for foodies or for those who just want to live a unique gastronomic experience.
unique gastronomic experience.

GIFT GOLD LIQUID: Ed’o Ultra Premium Oil

Ed’o Extra Virgin Olive Oils are the purest essence of nature transformed into liquid gold. A process that is carried out only one week a year, the peak of the olive, which results in a very limited production that guarantees a high yield. acidity level of the lowest and maximum organoleptic properties.

These two elixirs are made of 100% Arbequina and are certified by the Protected Designation of Origin Siurana (Spain). They are packaged in completely opaque glass bottles to keep the natural nutritional properties of the olive oils perfectly preserved.

The Ultra Premium Collection pack contains your two oils Ed’o Pure and Ed’o Organic. In addition to being an original gift, it is a gourmet product that will delight anyone who is lucky enough to receive it at home. Take a look and let yourself be seduced by this liquid gold, much more than simple food gifts.


If your loved one is a chocolate lover, this is your food gift. Because the chocolate produced by Claudio Corallo is one of the best in the world. This producer with more than 40 years of experience works with the best ingredients and a careful production process, which is completely handmade. So it is certain that the cultivation of the bean and the production of chocolate always go hand in hand, seeking the best possible quality.

It ships its products from Sao Tome, Africa, and they arrive at your home with sustainable and elegant packaging. This is an original gift, that beyond a gift of food, is anexperience that you will always remember. You can even accompany this gift for chocoholic foodies with some coffee, which you can find on the same website. It will transport you to another part of the world with its aromas, textures and flavors.


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Chef Dabiz Muñoz launches a collection of 10 sauces based on the creative universe of XO. With this selection of gourmet products, the chef reinvents ketchup, now smoked, aioli, yogurt sauce, brava, sweet and sour or pesto. With new proposals by mixing ponzu with truffle, pesto with Idiazábal cheese, tiger’s milk with yuzu and passion fruit, or Caesar sauce with allspice. An explosion of flavors for the senses.

In addition, the 10 jars come in a designer box with impeccable presentation. And each bottle, carefully designed by several artists, is inspired by the chef’s haircut.

From now on your meals will surely be more interesting. It will be difficult to choose, because they are all delicious. Ideal food gifts for those who want to try new things.


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As creators and lovers of gastronomic experiences, we could not miss this opportunity to recommend you.

It is a gastronomic kit arranged in boxes that have everything you need to assemble a 7-step tasting menu at home. So if you feel like giving a different and special dinner as a gift , you might be interested in our proposal for your home.

If you want to surprise, we make it easy. Choose here between Thursday, Friday or Saturday and we will deliver what you need at home to live a different night.

LA CESTA PANADERA: gifts with bakery food

Pepita&Grano reminds us that weall have a friend who likes to bake bread, a brother who finds eating without bread sad or a father who has decided to start making his own bread at home. That’s why they have created the perfect gourmet gift for bread lovers: the bread basket.

This gift basket includes several types of selected flours and dried fruits and also a book “Litevadura”, which is a collection of poems related to bread written by several authors. In addition, it also includes recipes from the best artisan bakeries: Ecotahona del Ambroz, Pandería Crusto, Forn Turul, etc.

If you want to make your favorite baker’s life happy and, on top of that, eat a piece of good bread, don’t hesitate, this is your gift.

Cinema a la fresca in Barcelona

Cinema a la fresca in Barcelona

With the arrival of summer, the traditional ‘cinema a la fresca’ returns and with it many places in Barcelona are transformed into open-air cinemas. Take a look at the billboard!