recipe for mellow rice with mushrooms

The best recipe for rice with mushrooms, all the tips and tricks to make it perfect, that is, from how to buy the rice, to what kind of mushrooms you can use. It is one of our top recipes on the Gastroshows menu.




30-60 min




All year round

recipe for mellow rice with mushrooms

recipe for mellow rice with mushrooms

By: Marc Grivé

In the video you will be able to see which are the best tricks to obtain a first class creamy rice, such as: which rice to choose, how to use butter, the importance of pearlizing the rice, the ways to stir it, how to use broth, etc.

Ingredients for rice

  • 200gr of mushrooms
  • 200gr of portobello
  • 50gr of dried black trumpets
  • 2 large onions previously fried
  • 280gr of rice
  • 60gr butter
  • 1 and a half liters of chicken broth (vegetables for broth, one chicken carcass, one ham bone and one salted bone)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt (to taste of each house)

PREPARATION (all the tricks are in the video):


  1. Start by heating the olive oil in a saucepan. Add the mushrooms and the sliced portobello mushrooms. Cut and incorporate the trumpets. Sauté for approximately 10 minutes until their size is reduced by half.
  2. Add the fried onion and rice. We add the rice. Subsequently, we soak the rice with broth at room temperature and stir. Add the cooking broth. Correct salt.
  3. Finally, add the cold butter and let it rest for 4 to 5 minutes. And it would be ready to eat and enjoy.

tips and tricks for the creamy mushroom rice recipe

The best rice to make creamy mushroom rice

  • Arborio: It was used to make risottos although the carnaroli variety is most often used for this purpose. Arborio rice is also used to make rice pudding.

  • Carnaroli: Carnaroli rice belongs to the japonica variety, and like arborio and vialone nano, it is one of the most commonly used rice types in the preparation of risotto because it retains its shape after slow cooking, absorbs flavors, offers a firm, spongy texture and an al dente core.


  • Bomba: These are hybrid rices of indica and japonica origin, it is called bomba because the grain does not open when cooked but swells in the form of a bomba.

Best tips for making creamy rice


Whether it is meat, mushrooms or vegetables, always use agood broth . The broth is what will flavor the rice.

If you do not want to break the rice grains, you should use a spatula or wooden spoon to stir the creamy mushroom rice.

You can add a little wine and let it cook until the alcohol has evaporated, it gives a lot of flavor to this recipe.

If we lightly sauté the rice just before adding the broth, we will create a thin film on the grain that will prevent it from falling apart.

The broth should be added little by little. to prevent the rice from unraveling. Adding it slowly allows the rice to absorb it and allows it to have a creamy texture.

Be sure to stir the rice with a wooden spoon to extract all the starch!

A risotto takes on average about 18 minutes to cook, although depending on the type of rice it may vary between 15 and 25 minutes. Just taste the rice until the desired texture is achieved.

It will be al dente when we bite the rice and it is a little hard in the center of the grain. This taste is very Italian, but you may like something more done.

Once removed from the heat, it is time toadd the butter to . Essential to give it the characteristic creamy texture of this rice with mushrooms.

The mushroom rice should be served hot and finished, to enjoy its texture and smoothness. Enjoy!


tips and tricks for the creamy mushroom rice recipe

How to make creamy rice and get the perfect point?

The most important characteristic of rice is the consistency it should have: a firm and creamy texture.

This texture is achieved thanks to the starch present in the rice and the cheese or butter added during cooking, which help to form the “cream”.

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