Original gifts for couples to share more unforgettable moments together.

In a few days the most romantic event of the year will take place, Valentine’s Day, or what is the same, a good excuse to have a special detail with your loved one. Sometimes it is difficult to surprise your partner, because usually we already have everything or because everything is already seen. However, we have been researching and testing several items that we think would make good original gifts for couples. Andthe good thing is that they can be shared. Because one thing is clear to us: sharing is living. So nothing better than living more moments and experiences together. Something we also discussed in our post about
plans for couples at home
. Sometimes a good plan is the best gift. And if you are a romantic, you can’t miss our tips to set up the best romantic dinner at home.
the best romantic dinner at home.
Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, let’s get to the point, here you will find everything from an eternal notebook, a book full of enigmas, to a perfect gastronomic kit to assemble a tasting menu, among others. Original gifts for couples and for those who want to live a unique gastronomic experience.
unique gastronomic experience.

Reusable digital notebook: original and sustainable gifts

This digital notebook is a super original and ideal gift for those who do not take off their notebook. If your partner is like this, this is the perfect gift. You can write by hand with a ballpoint pen on your synthetic pagesusing Pilot FriXion pens. All writing or drawing on them is erased with a slightly damp cloth – no more erasing!

What’s more, everything can be saved by simply scanning the pages from the app. In addition, if you like to color, there is a wide range of colors available. available at most stationery stores.

Undoubtedly, a special and very useful gift, so that no idea escapes. Besides being a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option. It can be carried comfortably in a bag or backpack. Weighs less than a normal notebook. And it comes in two sizes.

MINI PORTABLE COFFEE MACHINE: an original gift for coffee couples

Are you one of those couples who like to drink coffee at any time of the day, but not just any coffee? Now that will no longer be a problem because you can drink your own coffee with this mini portable coffee maker . And freshly made on top of that. An original gift for coffee-loving couples.

You can choose between two aesthetically identical models: one made to make capsule coffee, and the other to make powdered coffee. The operation is very simple: place the capsule or powdered coffee in the main container, add hot water to the other container, screw, press and that’s it!

One of the strong points of this mini coffee maker is its construction materials. It is constructed with environmentally friendly materials. Its dimensions of 16.5 x 7 x 6 cm make it ideal to carry in your pocket.


set up a dinner party at home

This book of riddles contains 135 ingenious and puzzling puzzles designed to appeal to your creative side. We say they are instant because they are short, just a paragraph long, and accompanied by hilarious illustrations, they will assure you many hours of fun as a couple.

Each enigma is designed to be read in one minute and there are ten different types of games, with ingenious titles such as: “Each thing in its own time”, “Common sense”, “With all the rules of the law” or “Impossible dreams”, among others.

Your task will be to find the most satisfactory solution. No special knowledge is required to solve them, just your ability to deduce and your desire to have fun .


tapas course barcelona

Como creadores y amantes de las experiencias gastronómicas , no podríamos dejar pasar esta oportunidad para recomendarnos. Es un kit gastronómico perfecto para parejas . Todo está dispuesto en cajas que tienen todo lo necesario para armar un menú degustación de 7 pasos en casa. Así que si te apetece regalar una cena diferente y especial, quizás te interese nuestra propuesta para tu hogar.

Puede que se pregunte cómo funciona algo así. muy facil
Solo tienes que elegir el día que quieres recibir nuestras cajas sorpresa.
. En ellos encontrarán todo lo necesario para emplatar y degustar un menú degustación . Compuesto por 3 entrantes, 2 platos principales y 2 postres, es un regalo ideal para compartir para sibaritas y cocineros. Además, puedes acompañar el menú con un maridaje de 2 botellas de vino, el colofón de una cena muy original.

Si quieres sorprender, te lo ponemos fácil. Elige aquí entre jueves, viernes o sábado y te entregamos lo que necesitas a domicilio para vivir una noche diferente.

Morphée: dreamy nights of pleasure

will be your ally for dreamy nights. It is a device with a beech wood support containing
210 session combinations created by a team of sleep professionals. In addition,all sessions are in Spanish and the device is 100% disconnected: no waves or screen.

We all aspire to enjoy a fast, deep and deep, fast and restful sleep; To achieve this we need to disconnect from the day, relax the body and calm the mind. The instructions are very simple. All you have to do is choose the theme, session and duration.

Includes a sleep guide in Spanish with a detailed description of the content of the sessions and sleeping tips. It incorporates a rechargeable battery via USB (cable and adapter included) and 3.5 mm audio jack input for using headphones.

Undoubtedly, an original and innovative gift very suitable for disconnecting. If what you want is to share comforting nights, this is your ideal gift.

Cinema a la fresca in Barcelona

Cinema a la fresca in Barcelona

With the arrival of summer, the traditional ‘cinema a la fresca’ returns and with it many places in Barcelona are transformed into open-air cinemas. Take a look at the billboard!