Tapas course Barcelona 100% creative and participative.

The best thing about tapas is sharing them!


To be agreed


2 hours 30 min



Workshop and tasting


From 75€ (min 12 pers.)

What is

In the Barcelona tapas course the group is divided into several teams that will have to create different elaborations with the help and instructions of our chefs. A complete menu of tapas will be prepared and then tasted in the lounge with wine, water and soft drinks.

what is included


We will welcome you and introduce you to the team that will explain the dynamics of the course.

Tapas course

Once the details and instructions for the cooking workshop have been explained, the group will be divided into the corresponding subgroups. Within the established time limit they will have to execute the recipes with the indicated ingredients and instruments.

The activity is 100% participatory

Once the elaborations are finished, they will be placed on the table and you will be able to taste all the elaborations.

Drinks and coffee are included in the activity. All the material and instruments necessary for the course and recipe booklet are also included.



At the end of the workshop, the elaborations will be tasted with wine, water and soft drinks.

where you will go

The location of the course is a gastronomic space in Barcelona adapted to the characteristics of the event.


More information

Remember to note any allergies, intolerances and preferences that may exist when making your reservation. Otherwise, if you do not let us know at least 24 hours in advance, we may have problems adapting the menu.

Get ready to become a real chef! Follow our instructions carefully and everything will go smoothly.


If you are unable to receive it on the date you have chosen, you can notify us within 5 days prior to that date and we will change the delivery date without any problem. We accept name changes and deliveries to another address up to 24 hours in advance.

all about the tapas barcelona course

Cooking teambuildings are one of the best options to do something different with your work team. This is because to achieve a good execution in the kitchen it is necessary to work together and communicate a lot. In addition, to develop creative, design and sensation points all together. In other words, we are committed to gastronomic activities in a contest format that awaken the competitive side of the team but within an atmosphere of humor and fun. For this reason, we create gastronomic activities for companies such as these, original cooking workshops designed to join forces, strengthen ties and have a great time. In short, Gastroshows is your best option.

The best of the tapas course in Barcelona

In Gastroshows we offer an ideal environment for the development of cooking activities for companies. That is, a private space in Barcelona reserved for your company. In addition, we can hire extra services such as photography with photocall, live music, magic, etc. Everything you need to make the gastronomic experience unique and to remember this activity forever.

The best thing about tapas is sharing them in this gastronomic workshop!

If you want to have a good time with your friends, your family or your work group, the tapas workshop is the best option. For its variety, participation and creativity.

This is an ideal activity to strengthen interpersonal relationships and get to know each other better. And all of this in the best atmosphere: between stoves or around a table sharing experiences.

The best part of an experience is sharing it in the Barcelona tapas course.

Also, if you are looking for original plans in Barcelona, celebrating a cooking teambuilding with us is a safe bet. You will toast with the wines exclusively selected for the menu you will have, a fresh, modern and quality selection that is the best accompaniment for the elaborations made by the whole team.

The objective of the tapas workshop is for the teams to be able to make tapas for the rest of the group. And this, through teamwork and to awaken their interest in this culinary practice, so social and fun 😀

Tapas, in competition

In addition, each team will also have to create a creative tapa and present it to our chefs who will choose the winning team. Taste, presentation and creativity will be scored.

Once the tapas workshop is over, the whole group will taste everything they have prepared with wine, water and soft drinks.

In short, it is a participatory and interactive tapas and pinchos course in Barcelona. In which you will not only learn how to prepare delicious tapas, but you will also have a great time around the stove and around a table. Come and have a great time in one of our gastronomic activities!

A gastronomic activity for companies designed to be enjoyed as a team: tapas course in Barcelona.

We take care of every detail so that you all enjoy and celebrate this special moment. So, do not hesitate to contact us and we will get to work to create the cooking teambuilding you can imagine.

A gastronomic activity in the best environment

Our workshops are always held in Barcelona. In our private gastronomic space. Where you can enjoy a fully equipped kitchen and different environments where you can taste tapas. You will alsobe greeted by the chef and his team looking forward to having a great time during this gastronomic experience.

Don’t worry about anything, just put your creativity into practice!