The good weather arrives and with it the desire to enjoy an outdoor lunch. In Gastroshows we love the good weather, so here you will find the best places for picnics in Barcelona. Ideal places to stretch out the tablecloth, open the basket and eat while the breeze caresses you. If you like tapas you can’t miss the 10 tapas bars in Barcelona for less than 20€.

Is there anything better than a picnic in good company?

What better plan than to enjoy your favorite meal in a natural environment, lying on the grass and literally on your own. Not to mention that it is an economical and fun activity with no time limit, or people, in which even our dogs can accompany us. So far so good, but the question is: Is it possible to have a picnic in Barcelona? Yes! No need to go far from the city? No!

Just to disconnect, in a romantic plan with your partner or in a group, the picnic is a real free luxury that you can enjoy in Barcelona.


Lunch at Turó del Putxet Park – Carrer de Manacor, 9

Located in the district of Sant Gervasi, we find this jewel, possibly the best picnic in Barcelona. One of the most unknown parks in the city for those who do not live in this neighborhood. It is full of vegetation and even overlooks the sea. There is an area with tables and wooden benches perfect for your meal. In addition, before or after the picnic you can enjoy beautiful walks, practice sports (there are ping-pong tables, petanque courts, basketball hoops…) or just relax. And that’s only 15 minutes by metro from Plaza Catalunya. Picnic-Planazo, right?

Fairytale lunch at Cervantes Park – Av. Diagonal, 706

If there is one thing that defines this park, it is its trees and flowers. This Barcelona picnic is a green oasis, famous for its impressive variety of trees (cypresses, lime trees, olive trees…) but, above all, for its plantation of nearly 10,000 rose bushes of more than 2,000 different species (you can’t miss it in spring). And in this idyllic setting for your picnic in Barcelona, you will find an area equipped with tables and benches. A highly recommended place for a romantic date.

Picnic in Barcelona: Parc de la Oreneta – Carrer de Montevideo, 45

Ideal to spend the day with the family. It has an urban forest that connects Barcelona with Collserola and more than 15 hectares of forest. The picnic area is located in the highest part of the park, with a magnificent atmosphere and better views. If you don’t feel like cooking or carrying food, there is a bar where they make rotisserie chickens to take away. You will also find a steam train and ponies. And, in addition, the possibility of taking a dip in the public swimming pools of Can Caralleu that are next to the park.

The best barbecue picnic: Nus de la Trinitat Park – Carrer de Santa Coloma, 60

Undoubtedly, the ideal space for barbecue. A space designed for urban leisure at its best. It combines areas of trees and lawns to relax, with sports courts of all kinds, and… a large picnic area with tables and… free access barbecues! Strolling around you will find a parade of poplars and olive trees and, in addition, an impressive sculpture depicting fifteen horses running in stampede on a grassy meadow(Cavalls desbocats by Josep Ros). You will also see more than 60 urban gardens cultivated by retirees in the neighborhood. A unique space full of opportunities where you will arrive comfortably with the red line of the subway (Trinitat Vella station).

The best meals in: Jardins de la Maternitat – Travessera de les Corts, 159

Located in the district of Les Corts, it is a highly recommended place for outdoor meals, as it has large lawns. It is perhaps the most recommended location for large groups wanting to have a good picnic. So you know, get together with your group of friends, each bring something to eat and drink, and go visit these gardens. It will be a great plan.


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Cinema a la fresca in Barcelona

Cinema a la fresca in Barcelona

With the arrival of summer, the traditional ‘cinema a la fresca’ returns and with it many places in Barcelona are transformed into open-air cinemas. Take a look at the billboard!