The best restaurants with tasting menu Barcelona

Restaurants with tasting menu in Barcelona that you can not miss

It’s no secret that gastronomy is in fashion. In recent years, cooking has experienced a surge in popularity thanks to social media. Foodies, chefs and restaurants share dishes and recipes. But where to start? or where to continue exploring? Here we bring you five restaurants with tasting menu in Barcelona that will not leave you indifferent. Places where you can let yourself be carried away by the elaborations prepared and recommended by the chefs in their closed menus. And there is nothing better to enjoy than to let your genius run free. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, if this is your field you can also consult our proposal of
michelin star restaurants in Barcelona for less than 50€.
or the
best tasting menus to give as a gift
. Also, if you are one of those who like secret experiences, you can not miss our unique gastronomic experience, the
unique gastronomic experience, The Clandestine Dinner in Barcelona.

As you know, at Gastroshows we are creators and developers of new gastronomic experiences. We love cooking, but we can’t conceive it without surprises. We believe that if the food is good, and you enjoy it in the best atmosphere and in the best company , it becomes an unforgettable memory.

The clandestine dinner is a gastronomic experience that takes place in our secret space. It is discovered through clues and enigmas that you receive by mail the week before. At dinner, a tasting menu of 12 dishes is served with a pairing of 3 varieties of wine and cava. Dinner ends with premium gin and tonics. During the dinner there are also surprises, which we can tell each other.

If what you fancy is a tasting menu and live a different and original night, this is your plan. We are waiting for you!

Xavier Pellicer’s restaurant
has a sensational proposal. A tasting menu of the highest quality. This great chef, with a starred background, is a specialist in organic vegetables that accompany all his dishes.

You are sure to discover new flavors and foods, and surprising and original techniques. The wild-caught fish and the matcha tea coulant (another level!) are not to be missed. Located in the Eixample is an oasis of fun that you can not miss.

At the
Northwest Tavern
it is impossible not to end up crying with pleasure. Exquisite products and unbeatable execution. The chefs, from Galicia and Castilla y León, know very well what they are doing. Please note: there is a waiting list for lunch/dinner.

However, although they do not have a closed tasting menu, the menu is small and the service (very friendly, by the way) recommends sharing an average of 7-8 dishes. You will stay well and the meal will cost you 70€-80€ per person, although it will depend on the drinks. In any case, it is a very good option.

In other words, a triumphant option that if you leave it too far ahead, there may be too much of a waiting list. Notice.

set up a dinner party at home

Slow&Low, as they define themselves, is a union of many different cultures and gastronomies, from street recipes to haute cuisine techniques. They use products from all over the world and of the best quality. Well executed techniques and spicy (not suitable for those who do not like these flavors).

Its €80 tasting menu is extensive and varied and surprises you dish by dish with its cultural fusion. In addition, the cocktail bar also plays an important role in our restaurant as it helps to complete the gastronomic offer with signature cocktails that are delicious.

tapas course barcelona

A safe bet. That is
. What are you going to find there? tapas of author, exquisite rices, socarrat of the good one. Above all, a lot of originality in the recipes. One of the strong points of this restaurant is its service: dynamic, attentive, friendly. You can smell it just by entering that they are passionate about what they do.

They have a tasting menu for 50€, complete and varied (drinks not included). In short, a casual but high quality dining experience at a very affordable price.

La Tartareria, as its name indicates, is a restaurant specialized in tartares. An original concept and, although it may seem risky, it is not, being in the hands of Chef Pedro Silva. With the technique that treats its products, of first quality, exquisite elaborations result.

They have a tasting menu for 60€ which, among others, includesnatural or grilled oysters;scallop and crayfishtartar, or the classic and delicious steak tartar. In addition, even the dessert is a tartar, pineapple, coconut and mint. Very good.

In short, this restaurant is a must in Barcelona that no one should neglect.