Rice, a classic

What to say, at this point, about rice that we don’t already know. It is a nutritious and economical food, as well as a perfect base for any lunch or dinner. At Gastroshows we have it clear: dry, creamy or brothy, it is always a good option .

It can be found in so many varieties and cooked in so many different ways, that it is an ingredient that can accompany so many recipes and dishes. From the traditional Valencian paella with bomba rice, to sushi rice for a budah bowl, to a summer salad with wild or basmati rice.


In Barcelona there are plenty of places to eat good rice, but for us there are six places that you can not miss if, like us, you are rice lovers. And if you are not, we recommend you to go because you will leave there with a new vice. Any of them is a good option to go with a partner, friends or family (we leave the direct links in the names of each one). Whatever it is, you are going to succeed!

CRUIX (l’Eixample)

Just reading the menu of rice dishes proposed at Cruix will make your mouth water! Four combinations with meat or fish and a vegan option. And, besides these exquisite rice dishes, at Cruix, there are a thousand options that will get you hooked. A treasure in the heart of the Eixample district. One of the best rice dishes in Barcelona, no doubt!


We love the place they have in c/ Bordeus, 35 (they also have another one in the neighborhood of Gràcia). A traditional and familiar place, where you can taste delicious Valencian rice dishes. Undoubtedly, a quality proposal highly recommended for special occasions.

MANÁ 75º (La Barceloneta)

A young and carefree proposal that you will love! In the heart of the Barceloneta district, ideal to go on a sunny day and stroll along the beach before or after lunch. The kitchen is open to view, which we love, so those of you who are more curious can go and gossip!

PEZ VELA (La Barceloneta)

In this case, the Tragaluz Group brings us a new concept of chiringuito ( as they define themselves). With a menu focused on fresh garden starters and rice dishes (which are delicious). Its strong point, its terrace overlooking the sea and Barceloneta, ideal to fall in love! and enjoy one of the best rice dishes in Barcelona.


An ideal place to savor tradition by the sea. And the secret of its cuisine is in a menu based on traditional seafood cuisine. You’ll feel like you’re on a ship sailing the seas!

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Cinema a la fresca in Barcelona

Cinema a la fresca in Barcelona

With the arrival of summer, the traditional ‘cinema a la fresca’ returns and with it many places in Barcelona are transformed into open-air cinemas. Take a look at the billboard!