If you share gastronomy, make it one of the best tasting menus to give as a gift.

In Barcelona, restaurants continue to propose and improve every day tasting menus to enjoy inside or outside the home. They have managed to allow you to taste dishes in your living room that maintain a brutal quality and are prepared following a few small steps. It is incredible this rapid evolution in delivery that makes us talk about the best tasting menus to give as a gift. Because, what happens when you share gastronomy? that everything is infinitely better. Even in Gastroshows we go further and we propose an authentic experience with a tasting menu in a secret space, La cena clandestina. You can’t miss our proposal of michelin star restaurants in Barcelona for less than 50€. or the best rice dishes in Barcelona.

Gastroshows, creators and developers of new gastronomic experiences and surprises. The food, if it is good, and you enjoy it in the best atmosphere and in the best company , becomes anunforgettable memory .

The clandestine dinner is a gastronomic experience that takes place in our secret space. It is discovered through clues and riddles that are sent to your email the week before. At dinner, a tasting menu of 12 dishes is served with a pairing of 3 varieties of wine and cava. Dinner ends with premium gin and tonics. During the dinner there are also surprises, which we can tell each other.

If what you fancy is a tasting menu and live a different and original night, this is your plan. We are waiting for you!

OSMOSIS: tasting menu with tradition and innovation

About 20 dishes make up the offer that Osmosis offers you to taste at home. All you have to do is choose the ones you like the most, although it may be difficult to choose just a few.

Among the appetizers we have cod fritters, croquettes, vegetables… and in the main dishes we can find monkfish suquet, shank, lamb back, all made with the best techniques . Very good.

If you are in the mood for gourmet food that doesn’t lose any of its flavor, here’s a winning option. And if you feel like it, you can visit them at their restaurant in Barcelona, you won’t regret it.

Sushi from Asagumo is one of those that you eat it and you are transported to other places. Perfectly prepared and presented in its home delivery format, you realize that it is a great choice for the quality of their products.

You can try everything from chicken gyozas to a tuna tartar that comes with an exquisite sauce. And, from here, move on to a mix of sashimi: salmon, tuna and scallop.

If you like sushi, you can’t miss what they propose in their menu. And a stop at his restaurant to meet chef Ben is a guaranteed great plan.

set up a dinner party at home

We all know that the ideologist of El GoXO is the chef Dabiz Muñoz. In this case, he sets aside his extreme and precise haute cuisine techniques and offers homemade food. that goes beyond that. They are elaborations in which ingenuity and fresh local products are used, but with a very rock or punk touch.

Although the food is simpler than what this chef is accustomed to, all the dishes maintain their XO essence. The ribs to prepare your own tacos is a must. Although you will find an endless number of dishes that you will like. Not suitable for those who don’t want to try new things or out of the tradition.

And now you can visit them at their premises in Déu i Mata street, very close to l’Illa Diagonal.

tapas course barcelona

If they say so themselves: they are worldly. And they are right, because when you enter La Mundana you enter a new world. In which you can let yourself go without worries because you will end up well for sure.

They bring you home a menu with quality dishes with touches of different cuisines. Easy preparation and impeccable presentation. Unbeatable flavor. Mundana is synonymous with triumph. And if you can, you have to stop by his small, but endearing vertumeria in Vallespir street (Sants).