The best terraces in Barcelona


Terraces, or rather, utopian places and romantic gardens that teleport you away

Undoubtedly, this yearthe terraces of Barcelona are fashionable. And it’s not going to be a momentary thing, far from it. Terraces are going to be the main protagonists for the rest of the year. And it is no wonder, considering that some of the ones we have in our city. They are places with the perfect atmosphere to disconnect, so beautiful that they are ideal for a date and with a good menu to share a drink and something else.. In addition, it does not matter that it is winter, because being well conditioned, it is a pleasure to sit in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine and the views. Here are the best terraces in Barcelona that we consider a must stop whether you are from here or just here for a few days. But if what you are looking for are plans at home, you can also check here
our post with the best plans. And if you’re in the mood for a clandestine clandestine dinner you can’t miss our experience in
. You choose!

Don’t you know the
Marès Museum
? If so, you will not forget it now. Because inside the restaurant there is a quiet and beautiful terrace that offers a menu with different healthy options.

So if you are strolling through the Gothic Quarter and need to take a break on the way, this is a must stop. Depending on the time of day and time of year it may be a little more crowded, but even so, it is still a good option.

An atypical courtyard that combines art and the beauty of Gothic architecture so present in Barcelona.


This terrace belongs to a cocktail bar that has been open since 1987 and is already emblematic in the city.
Torre Rosa
is located in a magnificent Indian house of the early twentieth century. Here you will not only find a cocktail menu prepared with absolute precision and quality, but also an ideal environment with an incredible architecture and atmosphere.

Its terrace combines huge palm trees and large pine trees where you can enjoy one of the most original
original cocktails of the city.

have a drink or a snack in barcelona

Within the
Hotel Alma de Barcelona
we find another jewel of the city. In this case its restaurant with terrace, or rather, with a huge garden ideal for a drink as a couple or with friends.

The sensation is like being in a dreamy fairy tale. The truth is that it is ideal if you want to surprise someone on a first date. You will succeed for sure. It is an affordable luxury, because even if it costs a little more than average, with this environment it is less expensive.

Located in the Eixample, you would not imagine that behind the entrance of the hotel you will find this secret terrace.

Another of the terraces that you can not miss is the
Caseta del Migdia
. Here reigns the good vibes and the atmosphere conveys itsslow life philosophy . Simple and rustic, it has one of the best views of the city and, in addition,
is a wonderful place to watch the sunset.

An original and unique sitelocated in the viewpoint of the Montjuic castle. So it’s a great plan to go for a walk around and finish it off with a cool beer or whatever you feel like.


If you work downtown and need to unwind after work after one of those hard days, do this: call your friends or your partner and go straight to the
Terrace of the Olivia Hotel
Plaza. It is also good if you are walking around and want to have a drink in an environment that escapes the constant movement of the city .

A good glass of wine with those views (nothing more and nothing less than askyline of the city) and in that atmosphere, will take away all the ills. However your day is, this is a good option to improve it with your loved ones, try it and let us know!

terrace of the Hotel Neri
is undoubtedly the most romantic in the city. Located on the roof of the hotel, it is small and cozy. Ideal for couples who want to take a little time for themselves and disconnect from the city.

You can have a drink and also lunch or dinner. Any dish is executed to perfection, a high level Mediterranean cuisine with a good value for money. Ideal for couples’ anniversaries, although if you go with friends or families, you will love it.