Where to dine in Barcelona

The most secret places in the city

We are fortunate to live in a city with excellent gastronomy and excellent cooks. Finding a good, cozy, romantic restaurant to go as a couple or with friends and with a good quality-price ratio is even an easy task. However, sometimes we not only want to know where to dine well in Barcelona, but we are looking for an experience that goes beyond gastronomy. In this post we propose five places in Barcelona where you can experience a special and unique night. The perfect combination of good food and unbeatable ambience. On
we are always creating and thinking about new gastronomic experiences. You can also consult our proposal of
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the best restaurants with tasting menu in Barcelona.

El Cercle: where to dine in Barcelona with two flavors

El Cercle is the restaurant of the Real Círculo Artístico de Barcelona, at the foot of the Portal de Àngel, in the heart of Barcelona Center. Surely many times you had passed by there and had not considered that it was a place to dine in Barcelona, one of the most secret.

What is no secret is that in this space they dominate the kitchen, and not just one. if not more. They have two menus: one Catalan and one Japanese. You can taste the Catalan menu in the main dining room, with an air of elegance. Japanese, in a traditional Japanese-style bar.

You should also know that at lunchtime, they have very elaborate dishes at executive prices. Come on, a gift.


Adagio tapas is synonymous with quality. You have to see for yourselves. It is one of those places to dine in Barcelona that, until now, there were many that you did not know. Under the signature of the master of masters Jordi Herrera, you will find a top quality product and fascinating creativity. Their tapas respect tradition, but take traditional dishes to an irresistible level of sophistication. Sincere cuisine with avant-garde touches.

You will have to go to the Adagio hotel, which is located on Ferran street, in the heart of the city. What can you find? Rabbit croquettes, calamari with fried egg, fideuá with octopus… and best of all, the price. Star chef and popular prices. A dream come true.


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El Mirador de Palau is so named because it is the restaurant at the entrance of the Palau de la Música Catalana (on the right hand side). The incorporation of Dídac Moltó as chef has substantially raised the gastronomic category of the establishment.

The space offers a la carte and set menus -which can be either tasting or express, the latter to be eaten during the concert break – from product of proximity treated with great care. Good signature cuisine at a more affordable price than it seems, if we take into account who and where we are.

It is a great plan to go to the Palau and end up tasting the dishes proposed at the Mirador. Surely you had passed by so many times, but you had not seen this secret space where to dine in Barcelona.



tapas course barcelona

Walking down the Rambla dels Caputxins, on the right hand side, between souvenir stores, hostels and dance halls, there is a wide doorway with high ceilings and white marble. On the second floor, as a secret, you will find the Centro Galego de Barcelona. It is well known that the Galician product is stratospheric.

Have you ever eatenlamprey, lacón or good octopus? And the best thing is, don’t you want to spend a lot of money? This space offers an ideal corner for to taste typical Galician dishes and at lunchtime they make complete menus at 10 euros. Reasonable and affordable prices and good raw material. When you are on the Rambla, look for this hidden place, you won’t regret it.

Gastroshows’ Clandestine Dining: WHERE TO DINE AND LIVE AN EXPERIENCE

the clandestine dinner

As you know, at Gastroshows we are creators and developers of new gastronomic experiences. We love cooking, but we can’t conceive it without surprises. We believe that if the food is good, and you enjoy it in the best atmosphere and in the best company , it becomes an unforgettable memory.

That’s what La cena clandestina is all about,a gastronomic experience that has already been attended by thousands of people. Fun nights in which we have shared more than gastronomy. Best of all:you don’t know where you’ll be dining, what you’ll be dining on, or with whom until the day of the dinner. Ready to receive our clues? This is the only way you will be able to find us.

More and more people have opted to change a dinner for a real experience and share more moments together. Book your date and get ready.

Cinema a la fresca in Barcelona

Cinema a la fresca in Barcelona

With the arrival of summer, the traditional ‘cinema a la fresca’ returns and with it many places in Barcelona are transformed into open-air cinemas. Take a look at the billboard!